Switching to an S-Corp Could Save You Serious Money on Taxes

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Many small businesses start out as an LLC and never make the switch to S-Corp as they grow in size. This could be costing your business thousands in extra taxes.

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Meet our Leaders

Joseph Bearden, CPA, EA, CTC

Joseph Bearden is a seasoned tax advisor with a wealth of experience in the field of public accounting. He enjoys serving as the President of Bearden, Stroup & Associates, specializing in comprehensive financial and tax advisory services. Joseph has an impressive academic background, holding degrees in both Accounting and Violin Performance. His dedication to excellence earned him the prestigious Faculty Academic Award from Pensacola Christian College, where he graduated at the top of his class.

Elizabeth Stroup, CPA, CVA

Elizabeth Stroup is a visionary leader at Bearden, Stroup & Associates, CPAs. To kickstart her exciting career as a business advisor, she achieved national acclaim by securing the prestigious Elijah Watts Sells award for attaining a top 10 CPA exam score in the country. She later added her credential as a Certified Valuation Analyst, to coach her clients in negotiating the purchase or sale of business interests. Elizabeth has the distinction of having one of her valuation reports added to the library of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

Why You Should Chose Us over an online "S-Corp Calculator"

Many of the online calculators available online don't account for all of the subtle details that are unique to your situation. There isn't an easy one-size fits all solution. Having a REAL accountant take a look at your situation is the only 100% reliable way for you to get the correct answer for YOUR situation.

Yes, it means you have to wait a business day or two to get a response. But your patience will be rewarded by a response vetted by a real accountant. Which is way better than a number spit out by an online calculator that hasn't been updated in 6 months.

Don't let your future taxes be determined by a cheap online calculator! Let a real accountant review your situation and get you set up for success!

BY The WAY, REAL People Love our work!

"As a small business owner, navigating the scary world of taxes can be so overwhelming. Luckily, the employees of Bearden Stroup & Associates have been absolutely wonderful. My husband and I have been clients for years and have been helped with everything from personal taxes, business taxes (and licensing help), LLC Formation, payroll, bookkeeping, lawyer referrals for contract review, and now investing/financial advice for building our future. They are extremely knowledgeable, communicative, and patient with all of my questions. Thank you, Bearden Stroup and Associates!" - Jennifer D.

"Beginning as a small local account to working our way to a national brand, I trust my company in the hands of Bearden, Stroup & Associates to be my accounting firm. From all the firms I've worked with, I'm greatly appreciative of They are always a few steps ahead with planning and very informative with all my needs. I highly recommend them to any size business from bookkeeping to Taxes." - Javaneh H.

"I have been working with Bearden, Stroup for 5 years and have had a wonderful experience with them as they have done the book keeping for my Financial Advisory business, my personal taxes, and given me some excellent business counselling. They are punctual and very knowledgeable in my correspondence with them. I have referred several clients to them and they are all happy." - Stephen W.

"My business partner and I use Bearden, Stroup & associates for our business accounting, payroll, and taxes. I, also, use them for my personal accounting needs. I honestly can't think of better money spent than with this company. They are honest, efficient, and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an accountant." - Benjamin W.

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